Get to Know PTI’s Custom Product Development Process
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At PTI, our engineering and technical teams work closely with clients to develop custom batteries that meet the needs of customers with a large range of applications. Regardless of the complexity, we handle all battery manufacturing processes from conceptual stages to completion, fulfilling even the most demanding specifications.

We attribute the resulting high quality of our battery solutions to our engineering process. We adhere to a comprehensive, five-step design process for all of our custom battery designs. This process is tailored to accommodate clients with projects of varying complexities and urgencies, including clients who have already started product design and development.

Read on for a detailed overview of our custom development process:

Phase 1: Discovery

During the discovery phase, we define and document all stakeholder requirements for the battery product design. This ensures that both our client and our team reach the same understanding of the desired product performance and required specifications. Our in-depth discovery phase helps us prevent scope creep, thus significantly reducing the possibility of extended production times and elevated project costs.

Phase 2: Preliminary Design

After documenting product requirements and approving them with the client, we proceed to the preliminary design stage. In this phase, we develop high-level initial design specifications based on conditions agreed upon during the discovery phase. This process incorporates formalized documentation, including product development sheets and nondisclosure agreements. Outputs from the preliminary design process include diagrams, mechanical concepts, preliminary models, and sketches. We also produce a bill of materials at this stage to provide the client with a quote for the design and development of the product.

Phase 3: Design and Development

Upon completion of the preliminary design phase, we move the project into design and development. During this stage, our engineering team begins the detailed design of the custom product based on preliminary design phase specifications. Outputs from this phase typically include subassembly prototype testing and validation, full assembly functional prototypes, and preliminary system integration testing. Executable manufacturing packages for all subassemblies make up the resulting output.

We then use validated and approved specifications to provide the client with a firm quote for all assembled units as well as any nonrecurring engineering and tooling costs. This phase also involves the review and signing of our First Piece Approval form, which gives our team the go-ahead to proceed with manufacturing the product.

Phase 4: Alpha Build

We then send the product to the alpha build, which is the first of two testing phases before the final product is released. Upon approval from the client, our team begins the design and testing of all production tooling, production software, and assembly fixtures. During alpha testing, we identify and address any design challenges or issues encountered within the design process. Outputs from the alpha build process include fully assembled prototypes constructed from the previously designed tooling. Alpha builds also allow us to deliver early versions of the battery product to the client for review and feedback.

Phase 5: Beta and Release

Many battery products undergo a second testing phase, the beta build, before we release it to the client. Here, we apply feedback and improvements towards issues uncovered during the alpha build assessment. The beta build provides an opportunity to further address any additional issues that may arise, and it also facilitates testing for agency approvals and certifications including UL, IEC, and IS. Once all quality checks and certification processes are complete, the product is ready for release. 

Why Choose PTI

PTI’s custom battery development process ensures that we take the utmost care in tailoring our solutions to each client’s needs. Our collaborative process involves close work with our clients, enabling us to adhere carefully to product requirements while keeping everyone informed during each stage.

PTI has built a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of custom battery solutions throughout our 30 years of operation. Our track record has earned us numerous high-profile clients in the medical, defense, aerospace, communications, and electronics/electrical industries. To discover how PTI can custom-create a custom battery solution for your unique application, contact us today.


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