Planning for Growth in 2018
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Our main priority is building up our manufacturing workforce to maintain strong production. This means a greater focus on training to make sure the team is ready to handle the influx of orders coming in. We are also recruiting to support sales growth, but want to make sure our manufacturing workforce is ready to hit the ground running before anything else.

Also supporting our sales growth, our teams in purchasing and customer service work to make sure we have the necessary materials and are building strong relationships with our vendors. While our products are central to our success, there are many groups that have a hand in growing our business.

In particular, we’re putting greater focus on our manufacturer’s representatives this year. We’ve hired several new reps to cover different geographic regions to support our customers on a more local basis. This will help us relate better to the needs of our customers and determine what types of products might be more popular in different areas. It’s common for certain regions to manufacture certain products (like how Silicon Valley in California is known for being a tech hub), so our local reps will be able to meet specific needs and inform our strategy.

So far this year, we’ve already seen significant growth from the medical technology and OEM sectors. We look forward to seeing what other trends develop as the year unfolds. As we see these developments, we’ll continue to adjust our strategy and support our teams to ensure we’re meeting the needs of each client. We couldn’t do this without all the client referrals we have received. We are thankful for happy customers, and it is our intention to always keep our customers happy!


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