The Importance of Growth and Training in Manufacturing
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With so much focus on the skills-gap and a generation of retiring workers in manufacturing, it’s no wonder companies are investing in training and apprenticeship programs. While skilled labor may be hard to come by, there’s usually a wealth of trainable talent that’s still looking for an opportunity.

At ProTechnologies, we’ve seen some new opportunities and growth among our existing customer base. To meet this demand, we’ve been onboarding new technicians. We’ll often hire a group of people and then provide the necessary training to help them succeed. We understand that not everyone has the exact skill-set required for custom battery design and manufacturing, so we help those who are interested to get their careers off the ground.

But we don’t stop at training employees – we extend our trainings to customers, too. We frequently host Lunch and Learns for dozens of engineers. At these events, we have an engineer with decades of experience leading the training to discuss considerations when designing custom battery packs.

By having an educated customer base, it’s easier for everyone to come together to design a reliable product that can be realistically manufactured. This helps bring customers to the forefront of design to prevent any issues that would later snag the manufacturing process. Our goal is always to design for manufacturability, which helps us keep things on track and deliver each product on time with limited setbacks.

Custom battery manufacturing can be a major benefit for electronic producers, but it does come with its own unique challenges. By hosting these training events and explaining pertinent challenges and solutions, we provide a foundation that allows customers to better understand what’s really feasible. It also helps them determine what type of battery solution that will be most beneficial.

To learn more about our Lunch and Learns and schedule one for your team, feel free to contact us online or call us at (800) 333-1375. We look forward to hearing from you!


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