ProTechnologies is Powering The Medical Field
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One of PTI's chief targeted markets is the medical industry. As of the end of 2014, PTI’s medical accounts make up 52.6% of our total sales. It is our largest and fastest-growing sector. Since we shifted our development focus towards medical devices several years ago, we have had great opportunities within the field.  

From portable heart defibrillator batteries to stand-by medical applications, PTI is dedicated to providing the best quality and support for our medical customers.

With our ISO13485 and ISO9001 certified quality system, and IPC certified technicians, we are well qualified to adhere to the strict requirements needed for safety and quality within all medical applications.

We take pride in serving the medical field, and we are excited to work with innovative customers designing battery packs for new technologies. We understand how heavily a medical device depends upon its power source, and we're committed to providing the best quality battery pack for any medical application. Our customers know that PTI will partner with them, helping them any way we can to make sure their products are successful, and that’s why our medical business has been growing.

If you are in need of our services, please visit our website (, or contact us directly at 1(800) 333-1375.


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