Let’s Do Lunch!
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Do you hate working through lunch? We do too except when we bring our Lunch & Learn (L&L) battery training program to customers looking for more battery-related information. During L &L, working through lunch is something we look forward to!

Unlike other companies that send information or just take phone calls, we provide our customers with a wonderful, on-site, person-to-person resource. The Lunch & Learn program is designed to bring the latest in battery innovation, technology, and knowledge directly to those who need it, and we bring lunch!

Our battery experts will come to your facility to host a luncheon with the professionals involved in all aspects of product development. Discussions revolve around battery design, regulations, design capabilities, capacity, and shipping regulations.

Each Lunch & Learn event can be specialized for a specific topic pertaining to a specific requirement or a broader, more general presentation covering information that is important for safe battery pack design. Designers and engineers will benefit greatly from having a valuable guide and checklist to refer to when developing their product.

Let our experts help your team navigate through new battery technologies, develop the best design, or troubleshoot new battery pack development. Through this program we bring the complete knowledge base of our company right to you with the added benefit of lunch being on us!  


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