Charger Solutions

  • Chemistries Supported
    - Lithium Ion
    - Lithium Iron Phosphate
    - Lithium Polymer
    - Nickel Metal Hydride
    - Nickel Cadmium
    - Lead Acid
  • Charge Terminiations
    - CCCV (Constant Current, Constant Voltage)
    - -ΔV (Negative Delta V)
    - dT/dt (Change in Temperature with Respect to Time)
    - Timed Charging
  • Custom Enclosures and Interface
    - Plastic or Metal Enclosures
    - Single or Multi Bay Solutions
    - Custom Connector Installation
  • Smart Charger Solutions
    - SMBus
    - I² C
  • Marketability
    - Private Labeling
    - Product and Region Specific Certifications (UL, CE, FCC, TUV)
Our Expertise
  • Offering a wide range of charging solutions in addition to our battery pack solutions, PTI extends to our customers the convenience of a one-stop power shop.  Having both battery pack and charger expertise, we save you time and resources while bringing your product to market.  Let our experienced engineering team design a complete power system for you.

Custom Charging Solutions You Can Trust