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Get Smart! Smart Battery Technology For Medical Devices, Home Security, Barcode Scanners, And More
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Today, smart battery technology is making news in just about every industry. Medical devices, home security, appliances, barcode scanners and other devices all incorporate smart battery technology. One recent report says industries continue to “leverage [smart battery] technological advances to increase safety and disaster preparedness.” Another report on ECNmag.com says, “…products are getting smarter than us.” The article is referring to the smart battery technology used in many different types of devices being manufactured now.


The same report also says, “As technology gets ‘smarter’ better batteries are needed. Battery technology is constantly growing to meet the demanding needs of “smart” technology.” We’ve been witnessing this first-hand at PTI. We’ve been manufacturing smart batteries for several years now, but we’ve seen demand for smart batteries growing exponentially in recent months. Smart batteries represent and drive the communication circuits of smart electronic devices, and the majority of PTI clients work with us on smart battery projects.

OEMs trust us for our expertise, and the smart batteries we manufacture are often used in highly complex equipment and critical situations where high performance and reliability are mandatory. PTI manufactures smart batteries for medical devices and other devices, such as home security and barcode scanners. Get smart and learn more about smart battery technology and the custom battery pack solutions PTI designs and engineers by visiting our website.


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