A Spotlight on October’s Manufacturing Celebrations
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October gives manufacturers many great opportunities to celebrate our work, share insights about the industries we serve, and give thanks to the customers who allow our businesses to flourish. Two of these events are Manufacturing Day and Customer Service Week, which both took place earlier this month. In recognition of these key events, we’ve put together some background to share with you.

Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) began in 2012, started by the Founding Partner Fabricators and Manufacturers Association. Their goal was to provide manufacturers with an opportunity to dispel incorrect perceptions of the industry and show the world what manufacturing really does. Goals include helping individual manufacturers raise their voices while collectively amplifying the common concerns and challenges all manufacturers face, including addressing skilled labor shortages, public image, and connecting with future generations.

Six years later, Manufacturing Day is still going strong, working to positively change how the public looks at modern manufacturing. The skilled labor shortage that the industry faces is one we at ProTechnologies (PTI) made a goal to address at the beginning of 2018. We have made training and bringing new members to our team a priority.

Investing in manufacturing’s future generations is an investment in our company’s success, as well as our industry’s success overall. We are building up our manufacturing workforce in order to maintain strong production as we tackle an influx of orders and meet the demands of growing markets, such as medical technology and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

National Customer Service Week

National Customer Service Week was recognized by Congress in 1992, eight years after its inception in 1984. Developed by the International Customer Service Group, Customer Service Week aims to aid organizations in rewarding customer service reps, boosting morale, raising awareness of customer service within companies, and reminding customers of each organization’s commitment to their satisfaction. The week-long celebration promotes this message across businesses, government, and industries where customer service is a critical element in running a successful business.

Our customers are entirely responsible for our business’s ability to continue. Because of this support, PTI is committed to serving our customers with highly responsive and timely assistance, while creating an overall enjoyable experience for our valued customers. We uphold the standards of National Customer Service week in making sure all efforts are taken to maximize the value we deliver to our customers.

A Commitment to Excellence

Manufacturing Day and National Customer Service week are perfect opportunities for the ProTechnologies team to revisit our values and ensure they stay in line with the needs of our customers. These events also give us a chance to appreciate each individual’s contributions to our success.

Building on these landmark events, the PTI team has been striving for excellence over our more than 30 years of serving the aerospace, automation, defense, and medical sectors, and many other fine industries. We specialize in the custom design and engineering of battery solutions for a range of applications, and our team holds expertise in many different chemistries that fit the specific power needs and applications of our supportive customer base.

To learn more about our work and how our team can provide you with a custom battery pack solution that meets the demands of your application, contact us today.


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