Ensuring Battery Safety is Part of PTI’s Company Wide Safety Procedures
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Staying safe is a concept we learn at a very young age. Our parents are the first to teach us about safety, and we all learn more as we get older. Safety even has its own awareness month—June—to make people alert to safety issues at work, at home, and on the roads. However, there are aspects of safety that we can’t control on our own. Sometimes we must rely on others to make sure the products we use are, and will continue to be, safe.

A current safety issue affecting our industry is the damage lithium batteries can cause if they aren’t manufactured or assembled properly. In fact, because of fires associated with lithium batteries, there are restrictions on shipping them. All lithium-based batteries and battery packs must undergo UNDoT testing. In addition, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) advises the industry on meeting compliance regulations for transporting lithium batteries to protect the airlines and their passengers. Even with all these government regulations, UPS and other carriers also have additional strict regulations for shipping lithium batteries by ground and air service.

The reason for these types of regulations is due to the high levels of energy in lithium batteries. The electrical energy within the batteries can generate a great amount of heat if a short circuit occurs. If inappropriately designed or assembled, the chemical in the batteries may ignite under the high heat conditions. So, how can you feel safe using products made with lithium batteries?

The answer is simple: put your trust in a company who understands lithium batteries and their potential. Because we have been in the battery business for over 30 years, we have the engineering capabilities to design, manufacture, and test batteries to ensure that they meet all safety requirements.  

Through our testing and analyzing services, we offer battery programming and cycling to meet any customer requirement. All our customers receive battery assemblies that have been fully tested. Often our customers require testing to meet UL, IEC, CE, CTick, and CSA standards and are in compliance with EU battery directive/RoHS and WEEE Directive. Multiple intrinsic safety standards and marking/labeling compliance are also standard operating procedures, depending on the industry for which the device is being developed. We are so sure of our quality that our battery assemblies come with a lifetime warranty on our workmanship.

Personal safety is an issue for each one of us in all parts of our lives. At PTI we must not only consider safety for ourselves and our employees, but we must also consider the safety of our power solutions and the people who use them. This is an issue we take very seriously.  We are committed to providing consistently safe battery assemblies. For battery pack solutions that will safely power your equipment or devices, contact the experts at PTI today!



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