Key Fundamentals To Analysis When Designing Your Custom Battery
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ProTechnologies is a leading custom battery manufacturer with capabilities in assembling lithium products, ultrasonic welding, cycling, analyzing and testing battery packs. Our quality is second-to-none due to our commitment to quality, backed by our ISO 9001, ISO 13485 certified quality system, and J-STD-001 Certified Technicians.    

We also have the expertise of over 25 years of designing and building battery packs, having developed battery packs for devices within such industries as medical and aerospace. We're trusted in these high-risk fields, where power can't be compromised, because we are leaders in designing quality battery packs. ProTechnologies is so certain we have the highest quality workmanship, we supply a lifetime warranty for our workmanship.

During design, we at ProTechnologies will assist you to ensure your battery pack has all the qualities necessary for its specific application.    

Designing your custom battery pack comes with many advantages. You can control the product’s life cycle, system usage profile, scope creep reaction, supply chain control, and the physical and electrical attributes to best suit your needs.

Designing a custom battery pack has four main fundamentals. All need to be examined to provide the best quality assurance. These fundamentals are the electrical, mechanical, regulatory and cell availability constituents.



During an electrical evaluation, it must be determined whether the battery will be the main source of power or the backup power source, and whether     or not it will be rechargeable. Power consumption and the min/max voltage are also important to determine in this stage. Of course, safety and reliability are     always at the forefront of any custom battery pack design. That being said, any current activated, thermal devices, or active circuitry have special attributes     that will change the structure of the battery. Also noted during the electrical evaluation is whether the device is a "smart" device and will require     the battery to have communication capabilities.



During the mechanical evaluation, some options to weigh are the tolerances, dimensions, and any physical constraints. Wire and cable requirements are also analyzed, and some more complex designs will require hand assembly processes (one of our specialties). The batteries' enclosure design is all assessed during the mechanical analysis. Examples are whether it needs to be weather-proofed, have the options for replacing batteries conveniently, or permanently ultrasonically sealed plastics.



Regulatory is the process of ensuring all industry requirements are validated. It includes ensuring all standards and regulations have been verified. For example, all environmental, caution, and safety labels are clearly placed, and all restrictions and warranties indicated.


Cell Availability

The cell availability roadmap is something we consider when assessing the product lifespan. We work with both our customers and suppliers to ensure future availability of components during the design phase, in order to avoid supply chain interruptions.

Although these main areas may seem cumbersome, we at ProTechnologies are  determined to work with you every step of the way to make sure we design the best battery pack for your device. We're proud of how we collaborate with our customers, so they feel comfortable having their custom battery pack design in our hands.    

If you are interested in discussing your custom battery pack design, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is committed to ensuring the success of your product design.


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